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Twisted Military Truck Twisted Military Truck - Love old school racing games? Do you like challenging your friends to see who can finish the most stages with the best score? Juicy Truck Games has a huge ..
Truck Toss Truck Toss- Combine the thrill of high-speed driving with moves from classic video games. The result will be the Truck Toss game. Buckle up for hours of addictive fun as the ..
Truck of Treat Truck or Treat - In this Halloween-themed title from Juicy Truck Games, the players control two people in a large truck on their way to get some tasty candy! Along the path, the ..
Truck Escape Truck Escape, a rather fast-paced gaming experience, is an outstanding game of skill, speed, and thrill. The story line places you, the main character, into the hands of quite a ..
Truck Dodge Truck Dodge - Hustle your speed machine through tough traffic obstacles in this fast action race game from Juicy Truck Games! Grab power-ups, dodge power-downs, unlock new ..
Truck Bonanza Truck Bonanza - An exciting new adventure from Juicy Truck Games, Truck Bonanza offers the player a fun experience driving a dump truck through a complex terrain, collecting coins ..
Truck Challenge Truck Challenge - In Truck Challenge, the player controls a large truck racing down a highway. The other vehicles obviously do not see you, and you are in a hurry! Speed between ..
Truck Coloring The Truck Coloring Game is a game designed to let kids and adults to explore their artistic side! With 48 colors to choose from, each player can design their own big rig truck. To ..
Towing Mania Towing Mania is a challenging game that involves sending a tow truck out to help a distressed vehicle and bringing to the towing compound. Players accomplish this task by ..
Super Mario Truck Super Mario Truck combines all of the fun and excitement of the Super Mario world with the joy of navigating through a gaming environment in a big truck! The vividly colorful ..
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